Edgelands project 2014

Previously unseen photographs only shown here on my News Letter to subscribers. 
In my search to find locations that are secluded and away from public gaze I can often come across strips of land that are squeezed between urban and natural landscapes.
Sculpture N1 Wk in Prog .jpg
These often areas where you will find abandoned objects, decaying furniture and remnants of old buildings virtually hidden and taken back by nature. Strips that become a sort of 'no mans land'. They are quite unique in what they offer in terms of atmosphere, materials and inspiration.
This project explores those abandoned areas of land which act as an initial source to my continued work with nature. Inspiration for each of these sculptures was taken from a variety of locations within the region of Alpes-Maritime / Provence Alpes-Cotes d'Azur.
Sculpture N1 .jpg
For this project I decided to re-use the La Colle Forest as a setting and workshop space to realise my project. 10 sculptures are presently being made here. 8 other sculptures (site specific) have been realised at various undisclosed sites.