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Sculpture and Print making workshop. 

Last month both Paula and I ran a workshop at our home. We invited a new creative group called 'The Kuching Arts Collective'. The manager of this group, is a young Architect friend called Wendy Teo Boon Ting. Wendy had organised an intensive program for a group of young students and professionals, and part of her course, was to spend a day with a working Artists. Paula and I were happy to meet the group, and run two workshops 'back to back'.
Paula exposed them to an afternoon of drawing and print making workshops, as well as talking about her own discipline, Creative Textiles.
I, ran a morning workshop, and gave them a challenge to build a tower structure from wood branches. I also gave them a brief talk on how I came to be a Sculptor working in Wild Forests. They were able to see some of my latest work on open ground, next to our home.
It wasn't all very concentrated goings on. It was fun too. Between the chatter and sighs there was also laughter, bowls of soup, noodles and tea. There was hardly a moment to breath, as virtually every moment was filled with a range of tasks.
We finished the day and took them to an extraordinary hand built timber house, hidden away in a miniature jungle, only a few minutes drive away in the city. I had keys to the house, as it was offered to me recently as an additional space to work.
It was an busy day with lots of activities. Great to start sharing our studio space at last.  
To find out more about Wendy and her Art Collective group click here.



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