Home Creations - Interior & Exterior.

All three of us simply love to find the time to make things for the home. It is often during weekends, when the pressure from school work has gone, we all find corners in the house to make things simply for fun or pleasure.
Aalisha, our daughter, makes endless great music videos, and tinkers with craft ideas, mainly for her bedroom or as presents for friends. Here she is with two friends, making bird boxes. The girls applied their owns designs and I helped with the woodwork side.  
We are happy making items for the home, whether that's items of furniture, garden objects or funky ornaments.  I was a furniture maker for several years and spent a time in California and Mexico making 'Country Style' painted furniture.  It was fun to remake a few whimsical items from that experience, for our new home.
Once an item was made, I decided on giving it a paint-distressed look. This meant applying lots of different complimentary colours and then sanding through the layers, to produce a worn distressed look. I wanted to use recycled materials as much as I could, which brought me into contact with wood yards and second hand furniture shops and demolished houses. I bought some basic tools, including a circular saw, jig saw and drill, plus a few hand tools. I converted a large room at the bottom of the house into workshop, and made a couple of large work benches and shelf units. This was going to be a great space for making things for the home, plus for my sculptural experiments to. 
Paula loves to lose herself in drawing, whether that's with pencils, charcoal or even drawing with her sewing machine. These often turn into epic textural pieces, her themes are based on rivers and nature that she experienced during our years of travelling. 
We are a busy little tribe, with many works patiently waiting in the wings for us to complete.
We will be giving our subscriber friends an insight into these experiments each month, both in photographs and video.