Thierry Martenon.

A French sculptor who creates elegant, stripped down forms, with lots of unique surface markings. He says he’s always looking for new textures to experiment with, and likes to discover new ways of bringing out the grain in a tree. Although his works are pure, simple and very contemporary, in fact, the wood itself is primitive looking, and this creates a unique contrast with the fluid silhouettes. What also impresses me, is the fact that he’s completely self-taught.
Thierry makes these sculptures by selecting a piece of wood that has appealing characteristics, he then cuts the basic shape and rounds the main body with power tools. Later he draws directly on the surface, and proceeds to carve out the design with chisels. To bring out the carving, he applies certain oils that soak in to the grain and finishes it by burnishing the surface of the wood.
It’s poignant, that all the wood he sources is from the Chartreuse Mountains, which is very local to his studio in South Eastern France. I suppose this creates a very natural feeling in the works, wood that’s been untouched and has been found in higher climates. My favourite objects are the vessels that look like stone, they’re all newer works which he’s designed and created in the last few years
Although quite simple in their form, they remind me of rock formations in a Zen garden, or little mountains that are shadowed with different textures and tones. Thanks to Mark Robinson for his research that supports these chosen works.
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