ART classes and WORKSHOPS

We have been living in Kuching for 9 months and we are now able consider offering Arts Workshops once again. It's something we have always enjoyed doing, and is a great way to get to know local people when you're a stranger in town. Paula previously taught art for many years in schools, and I have had extensive experience as 'Artist in Residence' in many schools and community workshop programs.
Paula and I ran a workshop at our home during August, inviting a creative arts group called 'The Kuching Arts Collective'. The manager of this group, is a young Architect friend called Wendy Teo Boon Ting. Wendy had organised an intensive program for a group of young students and professionals, part of her course was to spend a day with a working Artist. Paula and I were happy to meet the group, and run two workshops 'back to back'.
Working in pairs each group had to build a spiral tower from lengths of sticks each 2' long and using only string to bind them together. The towers had to be over 6' tall. They had one hour to complete the task. I recommended that they gave a lot of thought to the strength of the bases to their spiral structure.
Paula exposed them to an afternoon of drawing and print making, as well as talking about her own discipline, Creative Textiles.
Mono printing on glass using live material. 
Results of the tower building task.
There was hardly a moment to breath, virtually every moment was filled with a range of creative challenges one after the other. Our focus was to give them all new experiences, the actual results of their efforts didn't matter. 
Between the chatter and sighs, there was also laughter, bowls of soup, noodles and cups of china tea.