Spencer Byles is an English Artist who has been living in France with his wife and daughter for the past ten years.  
My sculptures reflect an affiliation between the materials, the space in which I work and my own ‘imagination and ideas’. I investigate the possibilities that exist within the materials. I react intuitively, allowing my responses and ideas to seep gradually into the work as it develops.
I continually construct and deconstruct, build and dismantle. Every piece I make is an experiment, searching out endless possibilities. I am never sure of exactly where I am going, or how it might evolve. Then when I can no longer move forward or backwards I stop.
When working in forests or mountains with natural materials, I might leave the work for a period of weeks or months to allow nature to weaves its way back onto, around and or through the materials. This is very important to me as I consider the sculptures look more grounded in their environment once this action takes place.
Every piece I create is a different and new experience. I work with different materials, these can be ‘man made’ or ‘natural forms’. There isn’t a common link to these other than I find I am drawn to materials that lie abandoned, or discarded. They often exist in vast quantities and in many varieties.
I am fascinated by the hidden and subtle qualities which readily exist in nature. I am always alert to the sounds, smells and different textures that one can find working outside. However the complexity of nature is not necessarily the most predominant theme in my work.
Each work location presents its own unique possibilities and influences. I will use all my physical senses, touch, sound, smells these are important tools that effect my direction.
I am drawn to nature's natural designs. The structure and design of natural objects are a constant source of inspiration.
The force of life and growth and the slow disintegration of all living things has always fascinates me. My sculptures are often greatly influenced and abstracted from the natural world.